Lounge Review- Newark Delta Sky Club

Following my struggles trying to get into the Chicago Delta Sky Club last week with my shiny new Amex Platinum card I have succeeded. I am flying to LAX today, originating from EWR, they have one Sky Club and I had an actual Delta ticket this time. 

Piece. Of. Cake.

One of the better lounges I have been in. Upon arriving, if the door didn't say Delta Sky Club you would feel like you are walking into some restricted space. Delta has less than a dozen gates at EWR and the departures board showed half a dozen departures at 10am. Needless to say, the lounge was nearly vacant. I don't know if it existed at a busier time with Delta in EWR but I'm not complaining. Plentiful seating and workspaces. Large picture windows that provide with a view of the ugly EWR terminals and some distant container port cranes.

The typical bar and food selection that you would find in a Sky Club. It could use some touch ups but I get the feeling Delta stopped caring about this lounge. There is nothing groundbreaking about the lounge but I doubt anyone connects here and NYC traffic can be hit or miss so I usually allow myself extra time to and from the airport. I can't ever see this lounge getting crowded and for that reason, I won't mind leaving even earlier for my Newark flights and catching up on some work here before boarding. Overall, it is a boring diamond in the rough.